v11 System Requirements

Windows Server 2003 or later, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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You know that Alpha Five version 11 is the right tool for developing your application, but what licensing do I actually need to buy. The scenarios and descriptions below should give you a clear understanding of what you need to purchase.

Remember that part of the beauty of Alpha Five is that you essentially get 2 development products in one. You have the ability to build both Windows Desktop Applications and Web or Browser Based Applications with your developer license. When you want to deploy these applications, you will need the additional licensing as detailed below.

Option 1: Single-User Personal Use.

If you are a single user who is simply going to be building windows desktop applications for your personal use to use on a single computer, then there is no additional licensing required. (Please remember that each license allows you to install the software on 2 computers as long as they are not networked together i.e. Desktop and Laptop)

Option 2: I want to build and deploy/distribute Windows Desktop Applications.

Once you have built your desktop application and wish to deploy it (across a LAN network) or distribute it, you will need our Runtime license. Remember that our Runtime is an unlimited distribution license, which allows you to distribute or deploy your desktop applications without any limitations with regards to the number of applications or the number of users. This means that you can build and distribute an unlimited number of applications to an unlimited number of users.

Option 3: I want to deploy a web application.

Once you have built your web application, and wish to deploy it to the Internet/intranet, you will need the Application Server. The Application Sever is what enables you to allow remote access to your application via a browser. The Application Server is licensed per server and is for an unlimited number of users accessing the application.

Option 4: I want to deploy a "hybrid" (web and desktop) application.

Many companies will build what we refer to as "hybrid" applications which is a single database application, but with multiple (desktop and browser) "front-ends" that allows users to access it from a desktop interface (usually for internal users across a LAN) and through a web interface (usually for external employees or customers). In this case the database application will reside on a single server, and you will require the Application Server for the web interface, and then the Runtime for the internal Desktop users.

In summary:

  • You need the single-user developer license to build the application.
  • If you are deploying or distributing Windows Desktop applications, you will require the Runtime.
  • If you are deploying Web Applications, you will require the Application Server.


Alpha Five lets you quickly integrate your design work with your development effort.


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Easily make incremental changes to your applications as needed.

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